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In the Year of the Pig
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In the Year of the Pig
Origins of the Vietnam War

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I am a Vietnam veteran who was stationed at Tan Son Nhut AB in Saigon in 1967-1968. I, like most of those around me, believed we were there for a noble purpose. Once I returned home, I tried, quite successfully I might add, to just put it behind me. But as the years went by, I became ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Sad , the continuing blunders we make...the tragedy of our arrogance in trying to shape the world, as we think it should be.

Anonymous picture

This item bills itself as "The Origins of the Vietnamese War" and after an incomprehensible intro, an artsy-fartsy attempt to impress the pseudo-intellectuals, somewhere in the first hour it does make some vague references to a little of the history. It then settles into the usual rant - (And ...Read more

harrison avatar

Hi Lou, perhaps your criticism is a bit unfair to the extent that the film was made in 1968. Indeed it is inconvenient, but lucid historical analysis tends to require distance.