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What Happened to Monday?
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What Happened to Monday?

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Bruce avatar

This is a solid sci-fi action piece. I knew nothing about it going in and was pleasantly surprised by the original story and fast paste. While dystopian worlds and over population are all too common themes these days, this one definitely takes it on from a different angle.

At times I ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Very thrilling movie, great acting, interesting concepts. [spent some of the time having to look away, it is pretty violent. ]

Anonymous picture

Loved this. Excellent movie

Anonymous picture

Awesome movie. Is this what the world will come to?

Anonymous picture

Though it takes some pretty obvious inspiration from Orphan Black, this is far more of an action sci-fi film that recalls Luc Besson's work. Noomi Rapace is brilliant in her seven roles (and no, they're not identical!)