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Taking Root
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Taking Root
The Vision of Environmentalist Wangari Maathai

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

life changing. revolutionary work.
asanti/ mazvita!

Daria avatar

so very informative .. brought me to tears to see that something as natural as planting trees would be considered a threat and incite violence .. mothers, children, and soldiers all need Trees for survival and freedom that's a no brainer ... excellent movie and incredible women and men with ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A truly amazing and inspiring story.

An amazing woman!

All of the women were amazing!

The mothers' protest!

The soldiers planting trees!

Just wow!

Anonymous picture

I loved this movie! Wangari Maathai has become my hero. Her life, her strength, her wisdom, and courage show what is possible when one motivated courageous woman completely dedicates her life to connecting with others to make necessary life-saving change happen. Although I have ...Read more

Stephanie avatar

Beautiful and inspiring. Asanti.

Anonymous picture

One of my favorite films in the world...