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Instruction For All Students (Succeeding As A Teacher)
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Instruction For All Students (Succeeding As A Teacher)

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Planning Instruction (Succeeding As A Teacher)
As they watch veteran teachers plan lessons and then implement them in their classrooms, viewers get a virtual roadmap for developing ages of their young learners, building on content knowledge,…
Instruction For All Students (Succeeding As A Teacher)
This program shows a wealth of strategies to use in the classroom to engage all students and to increase student achievement. Vivid classroom scenes incorporate current research to show how…
Communication and Professional Growth (Succeeding As A Teacher)
Successful communications with students, parents, and staff can be absolutely key to prospering as a teacher - and so to retaining good teachers. This program helps build communication skills and…
Managing the Learning Environment - Succeeding as a Teacher
Naturally, lesson plans are important, but what about educational ergonomics? Like adults, kids work and learn best when they're comfortable physically, mentally and emotionally. Find out how to design a…