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Guangzhou Dream Factory
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Guangzhou Dream Factory
The African Community in Guangzhou, China

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Mei Mei avatar
Mei Mei

Raheama!!!! The best!!!!!!

Anonymous picture

A fascinating intraplanetary voyage into the machinery of underdevelopment!

Anonymous picture

I've visited Guangzhou for several times and every time I went, there are lots of African people. I was wondering why this place is so attractive? I think this film has the answer. Very educating.

Anonymous picture

This film is an excellent look at globalization through migration, but pulling us out of the standard view of migration from Africa to either Europe or North America. This is what was so useful and refreshing about Guangzhou Dream Factory. Students also really appreciated this perspective as ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Great documentary! Will be a great source for teaching undergrads about African diaspora, China-African relations, and the image of Africa.

Anonymous picture

Turn on the television in the U.S. and if you see anything about Africans, chances are it will be a report on famine or warfare. Unfortunately, these are too often the images that shape viewers’ understanding of this vast continent.

For more than 25 years, I’ve worked on film projects ...Read more

Anonymous picture

An informative documentary. It is one thing to see African individuals, who could be mistaken for tourists, on the streets back in China, and another to learn about their stories and their community. The documentary seems to have treated racial issues with care and restraint. Though it may be ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Really incredible/inspiring film. It's a small wonder that the filmmakers have captured such a vibrant world – that no one else seems to be talking about. The ground covered here has global relevance, packed with stories to tell and a massive cultural/socioeconomic migration pattern that is ...Read more

Anonymous picture

We had a screening of this wonderful film at the University of Sussex this week, organised by the Anthropology Student Society. The students loved the film and appreciated its careful treatment and interweaving of individual life stories and broader narratives of uneven capitalist ...Read more

Anonymous picture

It is important to know about the effects of globalization in human terms. Africans who leave their home country to seek a better life in China face numerous hurdles and this very well-researched film provides a nuanced view of the problems and limited prospects as a result of the Chinese ...Read more